Now let's group values in a section:

# Contact data

Telephone: +43 699 104734953

This assigns all key-value pairs that follow after the begin of the section "Contact data" to that section. It is also possible to create any number of sub-sub-(and so on)-sections:

# Contact data

## Telephone numbers

### Anna

Landline: +43 1 0468648
Mobile: +43 699 104734953

### Uwe

Landline: +43 1 0468648
Mobile: +43 699 104734953complicated

To wrap up the introduction, here's an example that combines all of the possibilities explained above:

# Profile

Name: John Doe
Hair color: brown/gray
- Fishing
- Horse-riding

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I read the eno guide and everything made sense,
except this non-sensical example text here.
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## Friends

False friends:

Close friends:
- Jane Doe
- Jean Doe

Casual acquaintances:
- John Dear

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