Every operating system comes with a text editor - that's all you need to edit eno documents! However, dedicated eno plugins for text editors make editing more fun and productive by highlighting the elements in a document in different colors, improving our visual grasp on our content.


The language-eno package provides first class support for eno documents in Atom. It not only provides beautiful custom syntax highlighting for eno itself, but also for user-definable embedded languages within multiline blocks in eno documents (e.g. markdown).

Visit the language-eno package on

Visual Studio Code

The vscode-eno extension provides complete syntax highlighting support for eno documents in Visual Studio Code.

Visit the vscode-eno extension on the Visual Studio Marketplace.

Sublime Text

The sublime-eno package offers syntax highlighting for eno with a light and dark theme.

Visit sublime-eno package on


# default

## settings
hyperservice: disabled

# production << default

id: prod
## settings
ultraservice: enabled

prism-eno is a plugin for writing and blogging about eno. All eno snippets on get their syntax highlighting from this prism.js extension. At a future date the plugin will be submitted to the prism.js repository, for the time being you can use the files straight from the repository.

Visit the prism-eno repository on github.