All libraries are built upon custom, dependency-free, pure parser implementations. The growing benchmark suite indicates that eno parsers by now already outperform most popular toml/yaml parsers in their respective language, even keeping up with parsers utilizing native C library bindings.

JavaScript (enojs)

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PHP (enophp)

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Python (enopy)

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Ruby (enorb)

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Rust (enors)

Development continues Dec 2018

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The eno benchmark suite evaluates the performance of all eno libraries, also in comparison against other popular libraries for parsing yaml and toml.

Visit to study these.

Interactive Demos

This is a work in progress effort to showcase different usecases for eno and the eno libraries as interactive demos in the browser. Right now there is only a limited selection of early demos and a draft page layout.

Interactive Demos

Experimental loaders

For each of the core eno implementations there is also an additional experimental loaders project, where new loaders are tested and evaluated. Feel free to use the experimental loaders as an expansion package, they are carefully crafted and unit-tested just like the core libraries themselves!

enojs-exploaders (Javascript)
enopy-exploaders (Python)
enorb-exploaders (Ruby)

Dive deeper

Explore all repositories where the development work is currently happening at the eno umbrella organization on github.