The eno notation language

eno is a structured, plain-text notation language, related in many ways to its ancestors and relatives JSON, YAML, TOML, ArchieML, StrictYAML, and others. Through its simple syntax and versatile nature it targets a wide audience, both in regards to cultural background as well as technical ability. Backed by officially maintained, thoroughly engineered open source libraries and plugins it allows usage on a wide variety of platforms and for many, diverse usecases. As a modern foundational technology for file-based content it enables highly productive and reliable application development, and the possibility to create file-based content applications for a wider and more diverse user audience than was previously possible.

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A rich collection of example documents you can interactively modify and study.

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Encoding, file extension, MIME type and all the implementation details.

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┬╣ Specification resources are currently spread between here and the eno language repository, eventually most content will probably be made available centrally at the website only, where it can be presented in a more readable and accessible manner, while still being open for contribution and discussion via the website repository and issue tracker.