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February 12th 2019

Final day of an 8-day long non-stop fulltime development sprint on the eno libraries! 🎉

Huge progress was made on a lot of tricky architectural questions for the next generation of eno libraries, restructuring and separation of concerns between the different repositories and projects happened, some 80% of the way to get all 4 existing eno libraries compatible with the final specification was traveled.

The coming weeks will see plenty of cleanup on the results, tying up loose ends and getting everything in shape for gradual release and announcement. Aaand a lot of documentation will need to be written or updated. ;)

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October 30th 2018

Today enophp reached feature-complete state! In the coming days the remaining missing parts of the testsuite will be implemented (which will likely entail some bugfixing), alongside some detail considerations around loaders. Also, importantly, the documentation for enophp on will be set up. After that it's release time!

October 28th 2018

October 27th 2018

October 26th 2018

October 24th 2018

October 23rd 2018

After some time off to a) earn money and thereby cross-finance the next months of eno development, b) gather more insights in the currently largest production usecase of eno and c) recharge batteries :) development is now continuing!

Getting the enophp implementation feature-complete in november is the current development target, with the enors (rust) implementation coming up next on the roadmap, likely to commence around december.

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July 21st 2018

Dictionary elements are now called Fieldset elements. This change was long in the making, addressing a few issues and improving a few aspects of the original terminology, e.g.: Conceptually, sections are dictionaries as well (in the generic sense of the term), so this was rather ambiguous. Fieldset indicates the strong relation to fields - it's really just a way of grouping fields - whereas dictionary possibly indicated some larger, non-existant difference. Fieldset as a term also hints at fieldsets in HTML and forms in general, which is also desired because it's a more user-facing and user-friendly wording and concept.

Note that in the eno language context this is purely a non-functional change, it only modifies how the language construct is referred to in documentation, error messages, and by the APIs, but it does not change the way fieldsets/dictionaries work in any way.

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