The eno notation language exists since early 2018, where it surfaced in an extended period of applied research and development in a large project around file-based content. Initially developed in JavaScript, the eno libraries now also extend to the PHP, Python and Ruby platforms (with Rust being the next implementation on the roadmap). There are official and complete learning resources for the language itself, editor plugins for Ace, Atom, Sublime Text and Visual Studio Code and much more in the making.


Designed and developed with great enthusiasm and dedication by Simon Repp, and a big shout-out to all the people who have contributed bugreports and PRs as well!


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For concrete technical issues, questions and proposals feel free to open issues on github in the respective repositories. If you just want to get in touch directly, write a mail to simon@fdpl.io.

Support the project

Give it a try, tweet it, mail it to your colleagues, share it, blog about it, star your favorite repository on github.com/eno-lang, present it at your tech meetup, contribute localizations, make proposals for improvements, report bugs, every contribution is valueable.